Hadji Bey's Turkish Delight has been part of Ireland's food tradition since 1902 when a young Armenian named Harutun Batmazian set up his stall at the Great Cork International Exhibition making Turkish Delight. He quickly established a shop and factory which became a famous Cork landmark. Despite its small size, the reputation of Hadji Bey soon expanded beyond Cork and Ireland to some of the great department stores of the world. Harutun strongly believed in the integrity of his brand through his focus on the superior quality of his product and this commitment remains to this day. We hope you will enjoy our product which is now available in Ireland and will soon be available in international markets commencing with the UK and Germany.


The Hadji Bey product line has an interesting history, having been set up in the 1900s by Harutun Batmazian, an Armenian immigrant who left the perils of the Ottoman Empire behind him and arrived in Cork, Ireland, around the time of the International Exhibition of 1902-3.

He set up his famous sweet shop on MacCurtain Street in Cork, which was emblazoned 'Hadji Bey et Cie'. He set up home in at St. Patrick’s Terrace. Harutun Batmazians Hadji Bey products became successful and much sought after throughout Ireland, where the business thrived for several decades.

The business eventually declined following the retirement of Harutuns son Eddie in the 1970's and the Hadji Bey brand became but a revered memory in the minds and pallet of many a confectionery connoisseur. The images below show some of the original packaging and marketing materials.

Now in 2010 UHC Confectionery are proud to bring the Hadji Bey product back to the Irish market, and plan to bring the Hadji Bey brand to new European markets in time. With brand new packaging reminiscent of the classic original boxes seen below. And naturally the delights within are not to be missed.



250g gift pack of Original Rose Hadji Bey's Turkish Delight. Each pack includes a reprint of an article on Hadji Bey's Turkish Delight first published in The Guardian in 1964.


250g gift pack of Rahat Lokoum Hadji Bey's Turkish Delight. 3 Flavours - Rose, Orange and Lemon. Each pack includes a reprint of an article on Hadji Bey's Turkish Delight first published in The Guardian in 1964.